Japanese Knotweed and Invasive Plant Control Specialists

Root Barrier Systems

The use of proprietary root barrier membranes are an integral part of virtually all on-site invasive plant treatment programmes. A number of manufacturers supply root barrier products which have been developed specifically for use with, and to protect against, Japanese Knotweed. It has been demonstrated that fragments of Japanese Knotweed rhizome can be dormant, and remain viable, for up to 20 years. The Environment Agency in the UK have therefore only approved a small number of root barrier products, and these have to have a guaranteed service life of up to 50 years, be resistant to UV damage when exposed to sunlight, and be capable of being manufactured in very large sheet sizes.


Media Library - Root Barrier 1 Media Library - Root Barrier 2 Media Library - Root Barrier 3


The applications for root barrier systems in the ground remediation process include

  1. The formation of fully enclosed underground cells
  2. Protective covering to the top of material that has been deep buried
  3. Horizontal protective layer below structures and hard surfaces
  4. Vertical protection from horizontal spread and / or ingress from neighbouring properties
  5. Protection of underground services and ducts
  6. Base layer for temporary on-site and off-site bund structures
  7. Protective layer for temporary site roads, haul routes and works areas






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