Japanese Knotweed and Invasive Plant Control Specialists

Leaf Wiping and Spot Spraying

Leaf wiping and spot spraying are two techniques which are employed in very sensitive situations and where treatment is required for fresh growth or immature plants. There are many situations where spraying would never be permitted, for example, within designated buffer zones along most river banks and lake shores. In these circumstances, leaf wiping may be the only viable option for treating early growth of Japenese Knotweed, Gunnera and Giant Hogweed. Application of herbicide, in the prescribed concentration and dose, would be applied by swab or open cell sponge.


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 In most other situations, spot spraying can be employed for the treatment of immature growth, ensuring always that only the plant leaves themselves are targeted. The method is most effective when herbicide is applied to both the top and underside of the leaves, ensuring optimum absorption. Typically, the appropriate equipment would consist of a proprietary low pressure hand held or knapsack spray applicator, fitted with a narrow angle full cone spray nozzle.


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