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Media Library - Cover - IFI Effective Control Measures


IFI - Effective control measures for Japanese Knotweed


Invasive non-native knotweeds are a group of plants that can grow vigorously and are easily spread from tiny fragments of the plant.  They negatively impact on:

  • biodiversity
  • flooding & water quality
  • infrastructure & development 

The European Communities (Birds and Natural Habitats) Regulations 2011 contain important new provisions to address the problem of invasive species.  The threat of invasive knotweeds is relevant to all, with obligations on local authorities, public bodies, contractors etc. and how they manage invasive knotweed species.


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Media Library - Cover - S.I. 477 of 2011 General Advice


Japanese Knotweed London Olympic Site


The site of the Olympic Park was neglected for many years and the resultant areas of waste ground and river corridors meant that these areas became extensively colonised by invasive weed species, including Japanese Knotweed.

An invasive species strategy was formulated to clear the site of these species over a number of years. This strategy used environmentally sustainable techniques and was cost effective.


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